Chione T – A Tradewind Atoll Gaff Rigged Cutter

Chione T is a Tradewind Atoll (formerly known as a Tradewind 25) built by MB Yachts of Poole.  She is a small (length over spars is 30 feet), heavy displacement gaff rigged cutter launched in March 1998.  Although built from modern materials she is designed along traditional lines, has a long keel and retains a distinctive classic appearance and feel.  Chione T is easily sailed by a small crew or singlehanded.

Chione T’s first (and only other) owners created a website containing lots of information about her build and fit-out, including pictures.  Their website can be found at this link.

During May 2018 Chione T moved to Portsmouth Harbour and then in 2021 she moved to King Point Marina, Plymouth which is her new home.102_1967