A return visit to the Beaulieu River – 4 & 5 Aug 18

The outbound sail was most probably one of the most challenging with the wind boxing the compass almost twice in the space of 4 hours!  For a sublime quarter of an hour there was a Northerly Force 4, allowing a direct course to be set for Beaulieu.  The remainder of the afternoon was spent getting the most out of the wind shifts and dodging commercial traffic leaving Southampton water.

The lower reaches of the Beaulieu River were busy with other visiting yachts (it was the first day of Cowes Week) which made for an interesting trip up river as I looked for a vacant berth above Needs Ore Point.

The view from the mooring – most of the visible yachts were occupied:102_2017.JPG

A very still evening and amazing sunset.  The ‘bull rope’ from the end of the bowsprit works wonders in keeping the mooring buoy away form the hull and ensuring a quiet night’s sleep:102_2019.JPG

Leaving Beaulieu on Sunday morning.  Light Easterly winds to start with which meant tacking all the way home (and trying to keep out of the way of Cowes Week racing!).  102_2020.JPG


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