Chione is finally in her new home – King Point Marina, Plymouth

After a busy weekend, Mon 2 Aug 21 was launch and mast re-step day. Sunny and dry with light wind, everything went to plan. Chione was in the water by 0900 and on the Queen Anne’s Battery crane dock for just after 0930. Once the mast was stepped, I spent some time securing Chione’s running rigging and reconnecting the electrics – fortunately everything worked first time, including the VHF! I’d wrapped all the plugs in individual freezer bags, sealed with a cable tie and they’d all remained dry despite some torrential rain over the past 2 weeks. Even so, I still gave all of the plugs a clean and squirt of WD40 prior to assembly.

Of note, the white paint on Chione’s propeller is Marlin Velox Plus propeller antifouling. It’s a two coat system consisting of undercoat and top coat. I find it works really well and as long as the prop is turned regularly, it will remain clean of fouling. It’s not cheap though at approx £45. If someone knows of a cheaper propeller antifouling that works well for a whole year, do let me know!

Once out of Queen Anne’s Battery, it was a short journey West along the Hoe to King Point Marina which is accessed via the Continental Ferry dock. No ferries today, so there were no problems with getting alongside. Now the work starts to bend on the sails and get on top of the neglect (mainly varnish work) of the past 18 months!

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