Finally ready to sail!

Chione was finally back together and ready to sail on Sat 14 Aug. The previous weekend had been too windy to bend on the mainsail, so this had to be done last. I always find the lazy-jacks a challenge to re-rig, despite taking pictures of them in Whale Island prior to de-rigging and marking them for reference later on. I also managed to get a twist out of the jib halyard which resulted in the last few inches of the halyard twisting at the mast-head making it very difficult to sweat the halyard up tight as the twist caused fiction and prevented the last few inches of halyard passing through the block. By inducing a clockwise twist to the halyard fall and then drawing the fall back through the block, the twist at the block has gone. Maybe this is common knowledge, but I have found out by trial and error!

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