Not the sail I’d planned!

Dear Readers, Chione and I will not be on the water for a while.

While out sailing on Saturday 4 September, Chione’s mast snapped at the lower mast band. I was very fortunate that I managed to get all her sails down, recover the rigging and motor back to King Point Marina and while the incident itself was a shock, and I am disappointed not to be able to get out sailing, the important thing is that Chione herself is undamaged and I am hoping to be able to get a new length of mast scarfed into the remaining part of the mast. I suspect repairs will take a while and I will be lucky to be back on the water before the New Year. If anyone has any recommendations for wooden mast repairs (or at worst build a new mast) in the Plymouth area, please do let me know.

While the incident unfolded a bermudan sloop stood by me. In the kerfuffle of getting sorted out I never got her name. If her crew happen to read this post, I am eternally grateful to you for taking time out of your passage to ensure that I was ok. Thank you.

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