Chione’s new mast is finally stepped!

After what has seemed like a long wait, Chione’s new mast was finally stepped by Allspars at Queen Anne’s Battery Marina on Tuesday 5 July. The new mast has been manufactured by Collars and I am very grateful to the Team there for fitting all of the mast furniture and lighting wiring. Once the mast was delivered to Plymouth, Martin and I spent a weekend dressing it ready for stepping.

There was a horrible moment when it appeared that the tabernacle bolt through the base of the mast was not going to fit, but with a bit of pushing and pulling everything went smoothly and Chione was a yacht again! She’s now back in King Point Marina and I am slowly getting her re-rigged and completing some maintenance. All being well we’ll be back on the water in a few weeks time – after a break of 11 months!

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