First sail with Chione’s new mast

I have finally finished rigging Chione’s new mast and bent on her sails. There are still a few minor jobs to finish – re-wiring the lights and VHF aerial. I have also sanded down the cockpit coaming ready for varnishing – the recent hot, dry weather has been a boon!

Chione went for her first sail during the evening of Friday 12 August. Surprisingly, everything worked fine and apart from having to adjust the main’sl lacing, there were no problems. Conditions were perfect for a first sail with light winds and very little swell. It was also good to escape the heat of the marina! We sailed over to Jenny Cliff Bay and back and then returned to the marina. For her next sail I am planning a trip out to the Eddystone Lighthouse which will be a lengthy sail to settle everything down and stretch Chione’s legs.

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