Day sail to Cawsand – Sat 20 Aug 22

My friend David joined Martin and me for a day sail to Cawsand Bay. The original passage plan had been to go out to the Eddystone Lighthouse, but the wind was dead on the nose, so instead we sailed out across Wembury Bay and then tacked and headed for Cawsand.

The wind was quite gusty and the swell suitably ‘rolley’ to make for an enjoyable sail! Chione sailed well and now that the jib halyard has been un-twisted (I had reeved it back to front, so David and Martin hauled me up the mast prior to sailing to rectify it. The Solent Bosun’s Chair worked well and felt very safe – it was attached to the throat and peak halyards which made it relatively easy to haul me up the mast).

Cawsand was a beautiful anchorage and not too busy for a sunny Saturday in August. We anchored close in to the shore in 8m and enjoyed a quiet few hours with a few beers and swimming.

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