Updates from Chione T

A day’s sail in the Solent – 27 May 18

After a wet and thundery start Sunday turned out to be a glorious day for sailing with light SE winds.  There were not many other yachts about, maybe due to the wet start.

Conditions were ideal for Chione T and with the wind 60 degrees off the port bow she tramped along happily between 5 – 6 knots.  The shallow bay to the West of Ryde Pier looked inviting, but the sailing was too good to stop and lunch was had underway.

Looking towards Ryde:102_1982

Slightly closer in:102_1980

Beaulieu River – 17 & 18 May 18

This was Chione’s first overnight trip since I purchased her and following a short period ashore at Southsea Marina for annual maintenance.

Although the wind was light and variable it was an enjoyable sail and provided an opportunity to adjust the lashings on the main sail and to reeve the reefing lines.  Mainsail lacing follows the Conor O’Brien method as described in ‘Hand, Reef and Steer’ (Tom Cunliffe ISBN: 9780713672244).  This method has worked well and does not bind on the mast.  The Gaff Saddle has been well lubricated with tallow.

Passing Cowes:102_1974

Approaching the Beaulieu River entrance approximately 2.5hrs after High Water:102_1975

The night was spent in the lower reaches of the River off Needs Ore Point where it is possible to watch other yachts and shipping as well as an abundance of wildlife.  At Low Water the channel narrows with shelter provided by mud banks either side.  An anchor light is a sensible over-night precaution.

Looking East from Needs Ore towards the River entrance:102_1977